Zwarte Tulpenbollen

Dramatic, exotic, cool… black tulips are the rock stars of the tulip family. Although technically not exactly black, but more a deep, dark aubergine colour, these magical and enigmatic blooms have been fascinating botanists, horticulturists, and gardeners alike for years. Unsurprisingly black tulips have come to symbolise power and strength, and these glamorous heavyweights are fast becoming stalwarts of dramatic landscapes and contemporary floral displays.

Take a look at the stunning variety of black tulip bulbs available for sale at DutchGrown, and create some black magic in your garden.

Black Tulip Bulbs from Holland

Making black tulip bulbs work for you in the garden

In order to avoid the black tones disappearing into the background, it is a good idea to choose a high-contrast companion bulb – just make sure to pick varieties with the same blooming time. The DutchGrown™ Alabama Collection is a superb example of sublime colour combination, the warm apricot hues make the deep black tones ‘pop’ perfectly. Black and white is a timeless mix, working just as well in traditional as well as modern and contemporary settings, and our exclusive DutchGrown™ Zebra Tulip Collection hits all the right notes. If you are creating a drift by mass planting black tulip bulbs, planting them in beds surrounded by paler paving or green lawns will make them stand out even more.

Black tulip bulbs for sale

At DutchGrown™ we have carefully selected the finest black tulip bulbs available on the market and we will certainly have a style to suit your taste. For a classic look, why not consider the spectacular Queen of the Night. With its glossy, large black blooms this chic tulip hybrid works well in containers, in borders or in beds, and is also excellent as a cut flower. If you are looking for something more flamboyant, the award-winning Black Parrot could be just the ticket. This glamorous beauty, one of the darkest tulips available, has blackish feathery, ruffled petals and is a guaranteed showstopper. For something somewhere in the middle, perhaps Black Hero, the dramatic, double version of the Queen of the Night, may be the right choice for you. Browse the full collection of spectacular black tulip bulbs for sale on DutchGrown™ and find your perfect black tulip bulb.   

Buy top-quality black tulip bulbs for shipping to Europe and the UK

If you are looking for the best-quality black tulip bulbs for sale near you, enjoy browsing the carefully selected range at DutchGrown™, and discover for yourself why we are known as The Tulip Experts. Our black tulip bulbs are available in different volumes, from 10 black tulip bulbs up to 60 depending on the variety, and we only supply top-sized bulbs for best performance. In order to ensure a full season of blooming, make sure to stagger your planting and also choose a selection of early-, mid- and late-flowering varieties.   

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